Kalarippayat (kalaripayat, kalarippayattu, kalaripayatu) is an ancient physical, cultural and martial art of Kerala, which was in prevalence from time immemorial. It is primarily an art of physical culture, well developed in a most scientific way. It aims at giving a practitioner of the art, perfect control over his body balance, flexibility, stamina and speed, and perfect neuro-muscular co-ordination, an ability of the body to react instinctively to the senses. Not only does Kalarippayat makes a student adept in unarmed combat but also inculcate and promote perfect health, it also enables the student to defend himself with confidence from physical onslaughts from enemies.

Kalari treatment is a unique system of treatment, which is developed in connection with Kalaries (kalari training centers) in Kerala. Massages or Uzhichil with specially prepared oils in an effective treatment for rheumatic complaints and nervous disorders. Sukha Chikilsa, Pizhichil, Njavarakizhy etc. are other methods used to cure these types of ailments.

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