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Sreepathy C.V.N. Kalari


Sreepathy C.V.N. Kalari started at Cheruvandoor near Ettumanoor in 1970 when kalarippayattu was not very popular in central Travancore. From a humble beginning it has grown to success and fame over the years.

It was no les significant the travails faced by the family which themselves devoted for the service and propagation of kalaripayat and kalari medicine. The singular initiative taken by Sreepathy CVN Kalari to stage public performance of kalarippayat and to conduct kalari treatment camps and seminars brought it public reputation.

Many renowned persons including former Tourism Minister Ananthkumar, cricket player Anil Kumble and music director Anu Malik have come over here and received treatment. Trans World Sports documentary on kalaripayat and kalari medicinal system was made on Sreepathy CVN Kalari’s performance and practice. B.B.C and researchers from U.S.A., Germany and France come here to study about this ancient martial art form. Elaborate and sophisticated arrangements are made for the scientific treatment for obesity, body pain, rheumatism and post surgery physical ailments.

K.G.MURALEEDHARA GURUKKAL A MAESTRO in the field of kalarippayat and kalari medicinal system.

Muraleedhara Gurukkal belongs to a family of traditional physicians. His family was honoured by the Samorine of Kozhikkode , king of an erstwhile princely state in INDIA, as one of his fore fathers healed the king suffering from acute shoulder pain. He healed The King by merely tying a wet towel round the painful shoulder.

Muraleedhara Gurukkal’s grand father Narayanan Vaidyar migrated to Travancore from Malabar and settled near Kaniyankunnu near Kottayam. Gurukkal learned traditional medicine from his father Govindan Narayanan Vaidyar, who was not only a vaidya but also an astrologer. He practiced yoga under Bodhananda Swamikal. He mastered wrestling, kalarippayat, karate, judo and gymnastics. He is a five time state wrestling champion and two time state kalarippayat champion. He won silver medal in international karate – sparring championship in 1978. Apart from this he got many other accolades in state – national levels.

Gurukkal learned Tanthra from his uncle Ilangulam Sankaran Vaidyar. He learned traditional medicine from his father in law Alanatil Kesavan Vaidyar and Sri Saraswathi vilasam Madhavan Vaidyar also.

Now he teaches the age old practices of kalarippayat and kalari marma chikitsa (traditional ayurvedic treatment) at Sreepathy CVN Kalari. He is committed to the idea that the science of medicine is meant to the service of humanity and not for one’s individual proceeds.



Dr.S.M.Siju B.A.M.S. S/o Kalarippayat Maestro K.G.Muraleedhara Gurukkal started to learn this art and its typical treatment system from his childhood onwards. At the age of 12, the coincident he found in his horoscope (written by his late grand father Vaidya Sri. Govindan Ganakan) and his real life attracted him to the world of Indian Astrology which is named as Jyothisham. Thus his grand father became his first guru in the field of jyothisham.

His deep and constant meditation blessed him with a deep knowledge in astrology, Yoga, Darsana etc….

He says everyone has to practice meditation because it does, not only increase the healing power in the physician but also increase the self healing power of each individual.It leads one to the pure happiness,… bliss….., pure state of conciousness.

After the completion of his B.A.M.S graduation from Rajive Gandhi University of Health Science, he got invitation from T.M.Guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Vlodrop, Netherlands.

He and his brother Mr.Biju (kalaripayat and Yoga Trainer) went to Maharishi Vedic city , Vlodrop, Netherlands. From there they got Brahmopadesha from H.H.Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

There he done Ayurvedic and astrological consultations. Seeing his excellence in pulse diagnosis,Marma Vidya , Ayurveda, and Astrology H.H.Maharishi posted him as the H.O.D. of Kalari Ayurveda of the upcoming multi speciality Maharishi Vedic Hospital and blessed him with manthra( vedic vibration).

Now he is serving the mankind by practicing as the astrological and ayurvedic consultant in Sreepathy CVN Kalari, ettumanoor.

Sreepathy CVN kalari,
Ettumanoor P.O
mobile phone no: 9495707016



Sri. K.G. Muraleedhra Gurukkal
Sreepathy C.V.N. Kalari
Chikitsa Kendram
Cheruvandoor, Ettumanoor P.O., Kottayam Dist.
Kerala, South India, Phone: 0481 – 2536387
Tele Fax: 91 481 2536387

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