It is a unique system of treatment, which is developed in connection with Kalaries in Kerala. The knowledge attained by the sages and yogies of ancient India, about the 107 vital points led to the development of this unique treatment method. It is also very effective for wounds, burses and fractures. The way of treatment with Herba and Herbal preparation can give instant relief. Massages or Uzhichil with specially prepared oils in an effective treatment for rheumatic complaints and nerval disorders.

This is also named as Sukha Chikilsa, Pizhichil, Njavarakizhy etc. are other methods used to cure these types of ailments. Sreepathy C.V.N. Kalari Marma, Panchakarma Research Centre, Cheruvandoor is the only Institute of its kind in Kerala, which bases its treatment so effectively on the path shown by ancient sages its treatment so effectively on the path shown by ancient sages and yogis. It offers excellent opportunities for research in the kalarippayat, treatment of the vital points and Panchakarma.


Balancing of Chakras: According to yoga science, Cakras are circular energy centres, which exist, in man’s subtle body.

Balancing of Sapthadhathu: Seven tissues of Human body like Plasma, Blood, Muscle, Fat, Bone, Bone marrow and semen.

Stimulation of Nadisuthra Points:
Ayurvedic Acupressure

Stimulation of Marmam: Vital Points

Stimulation of footprints: Foot Reflexology

Awakening of Prana: Life – Energy

Awakening of Senses: Five senses of the body


1. Sukha thirummu: For physical comfort

2. Katcha thirummu: For physical endurance and flexibility. Helpful for those involved in sports, Martial arts and dance

3. Raksha thirummu: For Holistic healing

Patients suffering from ailments like Rheumatism, Paralysis, Back pain, Slip disc, Sexual disorders, Blood pressure, Muscular problems, Headache, Nervous weakness, Stomach trouble, Asthma, Anxiety, Weakness, Irritability, Obesity, Feelings of insecurity, Agitation etc get relief with massage. Useful to promote sleep, for calming psychotic individuals, to give rest and relief to depressed patients, and for persons withdrawing from drugs, alcohol and heroin. Massage can improve the self-mechanism of the body and increase immunity from environmental changes and give self-confidence and will power.

For treatment purpose or to get the full advantages, massage is given as course for 7,9,11, or 14 days. Otherwise, it can be done for any number of days at your convenience. We offer very effective medication in all cases, especially in sexual disorders.


Physical Level

Sense organs especially sensual organs have a new vigour
After Massage, bone centres, Joint centres, muscle centres and nerve centres can work more efficiently, and old age disorders can be cured
If you feel lethargic or physically unfit to do exercise, you will find massage an ideal substitute, as it can improve the blood circulation
Massage helps to increase body flexibility and reduces fat.
The veins and arteries gain elasticity and the body becomes more supple.
If the skin has lost its vitality due to chronic diseases, after massage the skin will regain the lost vigour.
Healthy blood circulation cleans the impurities collected at different points in the body through outlets like breath, sweat, stools and urine
Organs like kidney, rectum, lungs, liver and small intestine are strengthened and they work more efficiently
Fatty deposits in thigs, especially in women, can eliminated by breaking them down
Massage tones up pectoral muscles and keeps breast firm and in shape

Mental Level

Gives new energy
Improves awareness
Release emotional stress
Provides full relaxation

Sri. K.G. Muraleedhra Gurukkal
Sreepathy C.V.N. Kalari
Chikitsa Kendram
Cheruvandoor, Ettumanoor P.O., Kottayam Dist.
Kerala, South India,
Phone: 0481 2533292, 2533293
Tele Fax: 91 481 2536387

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